The experience takes place in two steps:

A trained light attendant answers any questions the light traveler may initially have and then tests his/her comfort level with the light in a short demonstration. Appropriate music is chosen to accompany the session. Travelers are encouraged to tune into their body and state of mind in the ‘present’ letting go of any outside concerns for the duration of the experience.

A light session with the desired duration, frequency sequence and intensity is selected. Learning to let go is the central element of a light session.



                                   NOTE:  Each session is catered to meet individual needs & desires.

                                    It includes processing time & may also include a blend of coaching or creative arts if  specified*



Reported Benefits Include:
Lucia N°03 achieves without any effort or long-term practice:

• rapid and sustained deep relaxation (limbic + nervous system)
• theta level of meditation

• immersion into worlds of color, imagery + neuroart
• renewed energy

•creative insights

•active imagination





 DISCLAIMER: Please note Lucia N3 is not a medical treatment. The usage of Lucia N3 lies at a client's liability and should not be used if: you are under 18 years, pregnant, or suffer from strobe intolerance - i.e. due to a psychological condition

(psychosis, anxiety disorder, PTSD etc.) or medical conditions such as epilepsy or anyone with a history of seizures, traumatic brain injuries, or those under the influence of any drugs or mind-altering substances.  The safety of our clients is paramount.