1/30/20+1/31/20:  Modrn Sanctuary, NYC Pop Up Event

10/19/19: Princeton, NJ Pop Up Event

10/7 - 10/8/19:  Modrn Sanctuary, Pop Up 

6/1/19: LUMINA in Princeton, NJ (*always sells out!)

4/13/19: Catskills Sessions @Zephyr Float, Kingston, NY


3/30/19: Wellness Arts Fair in Princeton, NJ 


11/1/18:   LUMINA Studio Opening. Rowayton, Connecticut


9/27/18: Group Light Sessions @The Assemblage, John St, NYC. "DMT Dialogues"


9/15/18: Community Light Offerings, Princeton, NJ


7/24/18: Offerings @Lite Brite Neon. Kingston, NY


6/23/18:   Princeton, NJ @Breathing Dragon 


6/2/18:  Princeton, NJ Pop @Breathing Dragon 


5/23/18:  Community Light @Trilogy, Tarrytown, NY


5/5/18: Open House @Dragonfly Wellness Center, Ossining, NY


4/20/18:  Lumina Residency begins @Infinity Float, 224 5th Ave, NYC


3/21/18:   Studio Light Offerings @Lite Brite Neon, BK, NY


12/17/17: Catskills Event @Zephyr Float, Kingston, NY


12/5- 12/6/17 @Modrn Sanctuary, NYC


11/24/17: Rise Above Float, Mt Kisco, NY


10/21/17:  Future Spa Event @The Alchemist's Kitchen. NYC


10/18/17:  New Moon Circle  @Marie Bove, NYC 


10/17/17:  Lucia N3, Sound+Cacao Ceremony, @ Magick City, Brooklyn, NY


10/13 +14/17: Art of Dying Conference with NY Open Center @New Yorker Hotel


9/10/17:  Lucia Light & Sound Meditation @NY Open Center, w/ Dr. Dirk Proeckl, Dr. Marina Masic


5/18/17:   PAUSE (a Pop-up Meditation Experience feat. Lucia Group Experiences). NYC


3/27/17:  Awaken Wellness Expo, Tarrytown, NY


11/11/16: Secrets of Light + Sound, Berlin, Germany. w/ Lucia N3 Inventors Dr. Winkler + Dr. Proeckl


11/4/16:  Liquid Sound Fest. @Toskana Therme,     Bad Sulza, Germany


10/23/16:  Light + Sound Experience feat. Tagtraum's Johannes + Kay Karl on Gong, Berlin, Germany


10/22/16: The German Psychedelic Society Kickoff Party, Berlin, Germany


10/4/16:  Beyond Psychedelics Global Forum, Prague, CZ


9/22/16:   International Day of Light *Community Offerings @ Rise Above Floatation, Mt. Kisco, NY


5/28/16:  Dome Fest, Carl Zeiss Planetarium, Jena, Germany. "Immersive Dreams & Dome's" by Dr. Masic


5/21/16:  East Meets West Fest. Lumina NY Lecture + Experiences. Centre for Social Innovation, NY, NY


4/23/16:  24 Hr Drone: Experiments in Sound. @ Basilica Hudson, Hudson, NY



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